what do contractions feel like

what do contractions feel like?

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Some pregnant women are afraid of the potential pain of labor, afraid of the unknown.  An important thing to remember about these sensations is that labor is a normal, natural process. This makes it different from any other pain you may experience.  Remember that contractions last anywhere from 15-90 seconds depending on how far along your labor has progressed.

Then you have several minutes in between each of your contractions so it’s not like you’re in constant pain for the duration of your labor and birth.

The best thing to do is just to take one contraction at a time.

what do braxton hicks feel like?

  • just a little downward pressure
  • a little twinge near my belly button
  • menstrual cramps
  • indigestion
  • don’t really feel them at all
  • don’t hurt, just a little tightening

what do early labor contractions feel like?

  • all of the above for braxton hicks
  • a little pain that starts at my belly button then wraps around my hips
  • all I feel it is in my back, an annoying backache that comes and goes
  • it hurts, but not too bad
  • sometimes takes my breath away

what do active labor contractions feel like?

  • pretty intense
  • a pulling at my cervix
  • intense inward pressure
  • can feel it all up front
  • radiates down my hips
  • my back just kills
  • a pressure wave and I’m just letting my body open up
  • like I’m working really hard
  • my breathing gets really fast and I have to concentrate to keep it under control

what do transition contractions feel like?

  • overwhelming
  • very intense
  • hurts a lot
  • can feel the contractions in my legs and I start shaking
  • like someone is twisting my cervix
  • the contraction starts in my front then gets stronger and more intense and stays like that for a long time before fading away

what do pushing or 2nd stage contractions feel like?

  • the same as before but now I have to bear down
  • like I need to poop
  • can’t stop pushing
  • burning right before the baby is born

what do 3rd and 4th stage contractions feel like?

  • really bad menstrual cramps
  • same as active labor contractions
  • wait a minute, didn’t I just have the baby? why am I still contracting like this?

What did your contractions feel like? Tell me in the comments.

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