• induce labor naturally

    how to induce labor naturally

    Updated June 2018 These are all well-known ways to encourage contractions to start and induce labor naturally.  You shouldn’t try to induce labor until your baby is full-term.  These techniques won’t work unless your body is ready. The information I offer here is…

  • kids reading books

    9 story books about pregnancy

    How do you tell your toddler or preschooler that you’re pregnant? I think the best way is through a picture book.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite books for when a new baby is on the way. All have wonderful illustrations and…

  • use this ovulation calculator

    Simply answer the questions to find out when you will most likely ovulate to help you either conceive or avoid pregnancy. Are you trying to conceive?

  • what do contractions feel like

    what do contractions feel like?

    Some pregnant women are afraid of the potential pain of labor, afraid of the unknown.  An important thing to remember about these sensations is that labor is a normal, natural process. This makes it different from any other pain you may experience.  Remember…

  • stages of labor graphic

    stages of labor: a quick and easy explanation

    Updated June 2018 A common question that pregnant women ask is what are the stages of labor.  Here is an infographic to briefly explain each stage of labor.  You’ll also find each stage described in a little more detail below. pre-labor Pre-labor refers…