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9 easy ways: how to cure morning sickness during pregnancy

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Being pregnant is exciting especially if you’ve been trying for a while, but it’s not always fun because but you’re starting to feel yucky.

Did you know that experiencing morning sickness is actually a good thing? The pregnancy hormone, HCG, doubles every day so that’s what is making you feel wonky.

Waves of nausea just jump up and overcome you and you feel like you might vomit. Or maybe you do just throw up once in a while or all the time.  Here are a few ways on how to cure morning sickness.

  1. Try to eat whenever you feel queasy; it doesn’t have to be a lot–just a couple of grapes, a cracker or slice of cheese.

2. Stay hydrated. Sip on beverages all day long. But sometimes even drinking plain water can make a pregnant woman gag.  Add some freshly squeezed lemon. (real lemon works too)

3. Drink some mint tea first thing in the morning and whenever you need it

4. Eat gingersnaps or other food with ginger in it

5. Wear sea wristbands available at most drug stores; they’re also called travel bands or acupressure bands

6. Always have food on hand–keep a baggie of oyster crackers, cheese sticks, or a protein bar in your purse.

7. Toothpaste making you gag? Brush your teeth with mouthwash instead

8. Take papaya digestive enzymes (or eat the real fruit either dried or fresh)

9. Don’t lie down until your food has a chance to digest.