mother of 5 talks about her baby carriers

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Reading all about “kangaroo care” while I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to continue to carry my baby close after birth.  I wasn’t really familiar with baby carriers and there wasn’t the vast selection 10 years ago as is there is today.  So I used a sling which was ok and helped to distribute the baby’s weight, but I still needed to always have one hand on baby to feel safe.

When I took my training to become a childbirth instructor,  several of the women had  wraps like the one pictured to the left.  I ordered one and used it for my next baby. I loved it and still do.  Pictured here is a baby carry scarf from carry me close. These 14 foot long Guatemalan scarves are hand woven cotton, and are truly beautiful.

Made from similar fabric but utilizing rings is the maya wrap. There are many styles and fabrics to choose from. Their website includes instructions and a video. Plus maya sells slings for your little girls to use with their dolls.

When I had my fourth baby, a friend gave me a moby wrap which I loved even more because it was longer and made of a stretchier material plus they’re also a little longer so you can wrap it once more than is shown here for extra security. I love my moby! Check here for instructions on the many different ways to wear your baby with a moby. Also on the website is a demonstration video.

I love this step-by-step front wrap tutorial in pictures done by a homeschooling blogging mother of many!

If you’d rather not tie the carrier yourself, but prefer one with structure that you just buckle onto yourself and then slide baby into, the Ergo is an excellent choice that is ergonomically designed so you won’t get an aching back.

Ideally, the best thing to do is to go to a store and try on some baby carriers to see which ones you like best or you can browse the carriers.