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Guinever Van Campen, doula

I am a doula in Lexington, KY.  I really enjoy attending births. I consider it a great honor to be invited into that intimate space of labor.  Each birth is unique and special to me no matter how many births I have attended.  I’m the doula who always gets a little glossy eyed when the baby emerges and a couple meets their baby for the first time. These are beautiful moments to witness.

I believe that labor is a natural process, rarely needing intervention. I am also thankful for medical technology and find that there is a time and a place for everything.

Most (but not all) of my clients want to have a natural birth.  Here are my top ten things to do have a natural birth. I encourage women and couples to prepare for birth by reading books and taking childbirth classes.  There are so many options in the Lexington area for non-hospital based classes. You can read about the Bradley method which I taught for several years.

Let’s talk. maybe I’m the right doula for your birth.  Send me an email at gmarie@birthingwithguinever.com

my doula services include

  • meeting with you to talk about the kind of birth you want
  • helping with your written birth plan
  • answering pregnancy questions through e-mail or text
  • being on call for your labor
  • joining you during labor when you need me at home or at the hospital
  • offering continuous labor support
  • staying with you after the birth as long as necessary (usually 2-4 hours)
  • postpartum visit in your home
  • taking photos during labor and birth; I have captured beautiful moments for couples

As a doula, I support my clients in the decisions they make during labor. With my knowledge of the birth process, I can offer insight into what may be happening in your situation.

I do my best to help my clients have the birth that they want. I would love to attend your homebirth in the role of doula as long as you also have a midwife.

the hospitals where I attend birth

Baptist Health (formerly Central Baptist)

Birth Center at the Women’s Hospital (St. Joe’s East)

The Birthing Spa at Ephraim McDowell Hospital in Stanford, KY

The UK Birthing Center

Georgetown Community Hospital

Frankfort Regional Hospital

The Birthing Center at Clark Regional Medical Center

my birthing bio

  • lexington doula and attending births since 2004
  • formerly certified birth doula through DONA International
  • clients have hired me again for 2nd, 3rd, and now even 4th and 5th births
  • former certified Bradley instructor
  • taught over 100 couples from 2001-2005 the Bradley® method
  • taught natural childbirth classes 2005-2009
  • taught many couples one night refresher classes
  • mother to 5 children, all born naturally
  • attended very short and very long labors
  • attended VBACs
  • attended scheduled cesareans due to breech or twins
  • attended both home and hospital births
  • attended waterbirths at home and hospital
  • attended DONA online conference to keep my skills up-t0-date
  • author of this website, Birthing with Guinever, all about pregnancy and birth

why hire a doula?

I have written an article about birth doulas that might help you answer the question of whether or not you need a doula.

Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth:

  • tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  • reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience
  • reduces the need for pitocin, forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans
  • reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals
  • increases successful breastfeeding

~from DONA’s website

convenient online birth classes

I also recommend a few online classes as well especially this one called Supporting Her which is created for the dads and it was made by doulas. Hypnobirthing is a popular and effective method for having a natural birth. They have an online prep course as well as some awesome mp3s which I highly recommend for listening to during your pregnancy and labor.   I meet couples who have trouble getting to classes with work and school schedules. So being able to fit in a little bit of prenatal education on your own time is ideal.

Email me at gmarie@birthingwithguinever.com


  • Pennie

    Hello, I am considering hiring a doula for the birth of my third child. Unfortunately I have never had the chance to experience labor! My first child they told me that because her head was a bit tilted to one side I had to have a c-section. With my second child they scared me to death with horror stories of uterine ruptures. I have NEVER even felt a real contraction. I KNOW my body can do this. I am older now and hopefully wiser, and I do not want to be bullied into an unnecessary c-section again. What are your policies on vbacs after multiple c-sections? Thank you so much, Pennie

  • kelsi morrison

    hi …. im currently 34 weeks and i was told today that im a fingertip dialated but there was nothing said about my cervix being soft .. does this mean ill go into labor within the next week?

  • Crystalin Elmore

    Im almost 37wks pregnant with my 2nd child and i went to my appt yesterday and I have already dialated 1 1/2cm and my estimated due date is oct 31st. I have this feeling i w.ill not make it. With my 1st child went by quick.. I had my daughter in 10mins no drugs and im trying to do the same thing an all natural birth.

  • fran

    thanks for getting back with me so quickley..when i was at the doc yesterday for a few hours my contractions were coming every 10 min. and my back was killing me, i had a little pain in the bottom of my stomach but the back pain was so bad the front pain didnt matter. when my back pain is bad like that i cant move at all.. i know that my baby is head down and that he is looking sideways..my 4 girls were nothing like this..my back pain isnt constant all the time.and i have been trying to walk and just relax..and let it happen.

  • fran

    Hi my name is Fran..and i have been reading post on here for several days..well this is my question im 36 weeks and 2 days on my 6th child and boy has this been a wild preg.. I went to the doc last week for a regular check up and because of severe back pain and pressure they checked me i was 4cent and 50% effaced. scared me because im early and i usually dont dilate..my doc had me go in today because my back pain has gotten so bad i can barely walk..still 4 to 5 cent. and back pain out of this world. my question is can this be where im having my labor pain never had this before. scared to death that i will deliver at home. is this early labor if it is it is horrible can early labor really last weeks..i cant imagine it. they are sending me for physical th. for my back is that normal this late in preg.???

    Dear Fran,
    I’m sorry that you’re having so much back pain. (I’ve been there, done that, a few times!) It could be either that your back or hips are out of alignment (which a physical therapist or chiropractor can help) or it could be your baby is not in the most optimal position for birth. It could be the position of your baby that is causing the back pain. If the baby is posterior rather than anterior, then that would cause back pain. (especially if your other babies were anterior and this one isn’t.) ( I saw a PT during 3 of my pregnancies for this reason.)

    So does the back pain come and go or is it constant? Does it last for a minute or so then go away, then come back for another minute? If it ebbs and flows like this, you could be in early labor, or pre-labor. Hands and knees position can help during back contractions. Also, steady pressure during a contraction on your sacrum can help. On the other hand, if its just all the time back pain with no seeming pattern, maybe it hurts when you’re in certain positions or have been on your feet too long–then it’s probably not labor related.

    Hope you find some relief soon. ~blessings, Guinever

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