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I’m a doula in Lexington, KY

bio-picI believe that labor is a natural process, rarely needing intervention. I am also thankful for medical technology and believe there is a time and a place for everything.

Most of my clients want to have a natural birth and I can help women achieve that natural birth. I encourage women and couples to prepare for birth by taking natural childbirth classes.

As a doula, I support my clients in any decisions made during labor. With my knowledge of the birth process, I can offer insight into what may be happening in your situation.

I do my best to help my clients have the birth that they want.

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my services include

why hire a doula?

You can read my article about birth doulas that  might help you answer the question whether or not you need a doula.

Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth:

~from DONA’s website

To contact me via e-mail about being your doula, please submit your inquiry in the box below. I look forward to hearing from you.



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2. kk - June 12, 2009

hi i am 36+5 days. my doc told me a am 1-2 cm dilated and cervix is very soft.what does that mean.

3. fran - July 13, 2009

Hi my name is Fran..and i have been reading post on here for several days..well this is my question im 36 weeks and 2 days on my 6th child and boy has this been a wild preg.. I went to the doc last week for a regular check up and because of severe back pain and pressure they checked me i was 4cent and 50% effaced. scared me because im early and i usually dont dilate..my doc had me go in today because my back pain has gotten so bad i can barely walk..still 4 to 5 cent. and back pain out of this world. my question is can this be where im having my labor pain never had this before. scared to death that i will deliver at home. is this early labor if it is it is horrible can early labor really last weeks..i cant imagine it. they are sending me for physical th. for my back is that normal this late in preg.???

Dear Fran,
I’m sorry that you’re having so much back pain. (I’ve been there, done that, a few times!) It could be either that your back or hips are out of alignment (which a physical therapist or chiropractor can help) or it could be your baby is not in the most optimal position for birth. It could be the position of your baby that is causing the back pain. If the baby is posterior rather than anterior, then that would cause back pain. (especially if your other babies were anterior and this one isn’t.) ( I saw a PT during 3 of my pregnancies for this reason.)

So does the back pain come and go or is it constant? Does it last for a minute or so then go away, then come back for another minute? If it ebbs and flows like this, you could be in early labor, or pre-labor. Hands and knees position can help during back contractions. Also, steady pressure during a contraction on your sacrum can help. On the other hand, if its just all the time back pain with no seeming pattern, maybe it hurts when you’re in certain positions or have been on your feet too long–then it’s probably not labor related.

Hope you find some relief soon. ~blessings, Guinever

4. fran - July 14, 2009

thanks for getting back with me so quickley..when i was at the doc yesterday for a few hours my contractions were coming every 10 min. and my back was killing me, i had a little pain in the bottom of my stomach but the back pain was so bad the front pain didnt matter. when my back pain is bad like that i cant move at all.. i know that my baby is head down and that he is looking sideways..my 4 girls were nothing like this..my back pain isnt constant all the time.and i have been trying to walk and just relax..and let it happen.