• use this ovulation calculator

    Simply answer the questions to find out when you will most likely ovulate to help you either conceive or avoid pregnancy. Are you trying to conceive?

  • what do contractions feel like

    what do contractions feel like?

    Some pregnant women are afraid of the potential pain of labor, afraid of the unknown.  An important thing to remember about these sensations is that labor is a normal, natural process. This makes it different from any other pain you may experience.  Remember…

  • surfing for pregnancy posts and finding the 7 best

    If you want to read one woman’s chronicle of all her birth experiences from hospital to home,   including the heartache of miscarriage, check out relevant living. That birth, as fast and furious as it was, was one of the most incredible experiences…

  • compound presentation

    birthing with polyhydraminos: a birth story

    This birth story is from Deb, a former certified Bradley® teacher and doula. I’ll do my best to recount our birth day without making it sound too bad. I wrote this a week after our birth, and even then, I could appreciate what…