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birthing with guinever on facebook February 20, 2010

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birthing with guinever on Facebook

Birthing with Guinever is now on facebook. I’ll be posting the latest pregnancy related research, the best pregnancy blog posts from around the web and products that every pregnant woman should know about, breastfeeding info.

advocacy for homebirth: a video August 5, 2007

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Thanks to the Kentucky Midwifery Taskforce for putting together this video to promote homebirth and midwifery. KMT was formed to pursue legislation to license Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) so they may practice legally in the state of Kentucky.

To read about the midwifery laws in your state, please refer to the citizens for midwifery website.


This video was created for the purpose of educating consumers and legislators on the need for out-of-hospital birth providers in the state of Kentucky.

Current Kentucky law allows for licensed medical caregivers to attend homebirths but the state of Kentucky has not granted licenses since the 1970’s to direct entry midwives and does not recognize the certified professional midwife license. Only certified nurse midwives are recognized by the state of Kentucky. Most certified nurse midwives work only in hospitals, although some also do homebirths. The Kentucky Midwifery Taskforce’s goal is to have the state recognize certified professional midwives so they may practice legally in the state of Kentucky.