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what do contractions feel like? December 6, 2009

Posted by guinever in : birth, labor, pregnancy , trackback

3-womenFirst time moms all wonder what labor will feel like and ask their friends what does a contraction feel like? How will I know when I’m in labor? Will it hurt?  When do I know when to call my midwife or when to go to the hospital?

Some pregnant women are afraid of the potential pain of labor, afraid of the unknown.  An important thing to remember about these sensations  is that labor is a normal, natural process. This makes it different from any other pain you may experience.   Remember that contractions last anywhere from 15-90 seconds depending on how far along your labor has progressed. Then you have several minutes in between each of your contractions so it’s not like you’re in constant pain for the duration of your labor and birth.

The best thing to do is just to take one contraction at a time.

what do braxton hicks contractions feel like?

what do early labor contractions feel like?

what do active labor contractions feel like?

what do transition contractions feel like?

what do pushing or 2nd stage contractions feel like?

what do 3rd and 4th stage contractions feel like?

what did your contractions feel like?

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1. Elaine - December 7, 2009

Hey Guinever! Love your new posts. How helpful for first time mothers to have several descriptions of what different contractions actually feel like! I have referred several pregnant friends/acquaintances to your blog, so thanks for providing such great childbirth information. I mailed y’all a Christmas card today, and hope y’all are doing well. As you’ll find out from the card, we are expecting baby #3 and are planning another homebirth! Baby is due in mid July, so we have a while! Just wanted to share our news and thank you for such an uplifiting site. Hugs to you, Elaine

Wonderful to hear from you and congratulations!!
~love, Guinever

2. Lynda - January 3, 2010

helloo..i was curious about things so i went to google and found this website. i love the answers that you were giving and it made me learn alot but on question. Can my cervix still close even though i was 3 centimeters dialated?

Yes, it is possible for the cervix to close. This usually happens in a situation where the baby was once pressing down on the cervix and for whatever reason, the baby changes position and is no longer applying the same pressure on the cervix.
~blessings, Guinever

3. Brandi - March 1, 2010

I think I juat lost my mucos plug!, and I have been having what feels like menstral cramps, and a constant back pain… and I am really sore in my pelvic area! it hurts when i get up..to the point i can barely walk.. I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant! my cervix is soft and thinning too! should i call the dr today..or wait till my appointment tomorrw?

Brandi, becasue you’re only 34 weeks which is a little early for having a baby, I would call the doctor now so they would have time to administer steroids for the baby’s lungs if you were in labor. ~blessings, Guinever