excellent blog awards

excellentblog.jpgIt seems that the excellent blog award is making its rounds through all the birthing blogs because I received the award twice last weekend from a couple educators at Independent Childbirth. Thanks, Nicole for granting me this award “for the Best Menu Bar and Side Bar.” She says “I have loads of easy to find, user-friendly information on her blog. And it doesn’t look messy!”

Thanks, Sheridan, for saying that “I have wonderful supportive posts on all topics, from first foods to positive birth stories. Ask her questions and she will give you thoughtful inspirational answers.”

In order to accept this award, I must pass it along to at least 10 other blogs. I’ve decided to give a few to pregnancy related sites, but I’m also branching out a little bit. Here are my picks:

  1. I’m sending this award over to joyful chaos for her step-by-step front wrap baby carrier tutorial in pictures. I love reading her varied blog about parenting and homeschooling.
  2. to the Mother Tongue for being a funny, sometimes outrageous mothering blog. Here’s the straight dirt on cloth diapering and read about her gameshow debut.
  3. to Belly Tales, the diary of a midwife (used to be the diary of a student midwife). Here are a few videos she posted of Angelina the Midwife.
  4. to Well Preserved for being a nice birth blog with an emphasis on VBAC with a local flair. Here’s a post about births on TV.
  5. to the new Independent Childbirth blog for being a diverse group of birth junkies.
  6. to Mountain Shade, for her breathtaking photographs of Alaska. See the photos of dall sheep and rainbows.
  7. to Tea Time with Liz for having the best ever photograph of brownies and milk.
  8. to the Thinking Mother for being, well, a thinking mother. Her posts are thoroughly researched. Read all about cacoa and her homemade hot cocoa recipe.
  9. to a Fresh Start for gracefully moving through her life after the death of her husband…read about what would have been her 19th anniversary.
  10. and last but not least, to dooalot for posting crazy pictures from the 1970’s of when she was a kid.