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sing during labor: an inspiring, beautiful video especially for my pregnant friends January 14, 2008

Posted by guinever in : doula, health, homebirth, labor, midwifery , trackback

a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice
a quiet birthing at home
a reminder that the Lord will help and guide us through labor

When I saw this, I immediately thought of Karla, Erin, Rebekkah, Kate, and Kellie who are pregnant now… and of every other woman

surely, surely goodness and mercy will follow me
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
close by His side
I will abide
in His lovingkindness



1. karynforyou - January 15, 2008

Refreshing, inspiring, emotional, healing. This is what I think of in reflection. My first birth I felt traumatized by the loss of control I had during the pain. My second birth I was more prepared, in a large part through Ina May Gaskins book, a birth video of a friend of a friend shared, and it was the second time so I was more prepared ( it definitely helped that the labor was easier too). Today my belly is empty after my third miscarriage, I will care for my two children and stay,” close to his side… in His lovingkindness”. Thank you for sharing.

Dear Karyn, I am so sorry about your miscarriages. Peace and grace to you. I hope you find physical and emotional healing. Yes, stay close in His grip, in His lovingkindness. ~blessings, Guinever

2. Nicole - January 15, 2008

Isn’t that the best? Aw.. I never get tired of listening to her. :o)

3. emvest - January 16, 2008

That’s beautiful. And very inspiring. Thank you, Guinever!

4. Rebekah - January 18, 2008

She has an amazing voice. This was timely and encouraging. Thanks, Guinever.

5. Amy - January 22, 2008

Does anyone know the title of the song that she is singing? I can’t stop playing this video over and over again. I feel blessed for just being able to see this. Beautiful!

Dear Amy, this arrangement is from the Michael Olson album Long Arm of Love. It is my understanding that Temple (the woman in the video) is trying to gain the rights from the publisher to record the song herself. ~Guinever

6. Katrina - February 4, 2008

Hi Guinver,
I am a certified doula through CAPPA and delight in seeing a woman resting in Gods presence while in labour.
I have been blessed with three wonderful homebirths and with God and the Midwives as well as an entourage of support I thank the Lord for his grace.
Keep Singing Girl!

7. Molly - February 7, 2008

That was really encouraging and touching, Guinevere. Thanks so much for sharing it.

8. susana - February 12, 2008

this is so beautiful (sorry for may english, I am from Mexico) I have never see anything so lovely.
Lo dire en espaƱol espero me comprendas.
He visto muchos videos hermosos de partos, pero esto es maravilloso, es bebe que nacio de esta madre debe de ser un ser humano amoroso porque lo parieron con amor.

9. Rebecca - February 12, 2008

Lovely, truly. Two of my three children were born at home with a midwife. Her midwifery service just so happens to be called “Birth Song.” I wish my birth songs had been this beautiful!

10. Heather - April 8, 2008

Wow! Did that answers all my questions! Makes it pretty simple.

11. Milly - October 2, 2008

Beautiful! I saw this on YouTube and been trying to hunt down the song. I just adore it. Amazing video. I’m a doula and it would be such a blessing to be in God’s presence during my birth.

12. jade - December 7, 2008

hey great song

13. Fiona - December 30, 2008

That might be th emost beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am 37 weeks pregnant and I have just inspired to pick up my guitar again. Thankyou

14. charlotte - March 22, 2009

hi i have listened to your song and i thought it was amazing you have the most beautiful voice and i would love it if you had a cd of you singing that song you are a very amazing lady

15. Cathy (MiMi) Axelrod - September 1, 2011

My daughter in law is planning a natural birth, with the assistance of her doula in ABQQ, New Mexico. Scanning through the web for information that would support my understanding of her natural birth and preference for birthing in a “birthing pool” I came across this website and video. I have listened to Temple’s singing, over and over, and as I imagine my Deyshia, her Drew (my son) awaiting the arrival of Leslie Grace I am flooded with the beauty of this effort! Deyshia is preparing in all the ways known to her to support little Gracie’s womb release! In a few more days, we’ll be at week 41. Hopefully Gracie will arrive, as all are planning, in a natural and calm environment. Thank you for the beautiful video. I’m on my way to the store to buy “birthing music!”